And you can too….

I wake up with the weight of a hundred horses on my chest. I feel like a victim. Like nothing is going my way. That the people who held the promise of being there for me for a lifetime, slowly faded away, under one pretext or the other. I feel…

How ‘Mindscaping’ can help you unlock the hidden treasures of your mind

If you are someone who feels :

Stuck at a crossroad


Unable to make a decision about something

If you are someone who wants :

A clear path ahead

Freedom from stress and anxiety

To make better…


At the onset, let me bust some myths people have around hypnosis. Many people draw their impression of hypnotism from entertainment hypnosis. If you are one of them, be assured that hypnosis in a therapeutic setting is very different.

It is a state of heightened awareness…

One way to deal with an irate customer

As the owner of a bespoke bridal boutique, I work exclusively on an appointment basis. Most clients respect this rule and I have had some wonderful brides walk through my doors. …

Empowering or disempowering?

Picture this! You are waiting to go on stage for an audition, OR you have been selected from a team of worthy colleagues to make a critical presentation OR you are on the cusp of starting a new business.

What are the feelings that are floating around inside you?

What are the thought that whisper doubts in your mind?

If you are like most people you have…

Not responding back — the new normal?

As a content writer, I apply to several lucrative opportunities from time to time. Since any product or service relies on a good description, the possibilities are plenty. The bottle neck however is a lack of response once you have sent in an…

How to curate your inner circle

I had a friend way back in college who was under the impression that her affluence was reason enough for her to feel superior over everyone else. Although she lacked a personality, she dominated the group we all were a part of and was…

Your way out of fear

Although the title might elicit an instant brand recall of a certain performance equipment company, that was not the intention in this particular case.

If any of you are familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk and his unconventional no-nonsense videos, you will know and possibly agree that…

An addiction to your smart phone

Are you someone who is at the mercy of every ping on your phone?

Does it disrupt your day and make you anxious?

The average person checks their mobile every six seconds during non-working hours which amounts to about 110 times a day. It almost makes one wonder what we…

Preethi Sonia

A certified Hypnotist who can help you TRANCE-form your life and bring about the changes you truly desire. (

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